Your Activewear Care Guide



We know you love your leggings and we want to make sure they last as long as possible! If you’re like us, your activewear doubles as loungewear, brunch wear, workwear, errandwear.. you name it! With that much wear, give them proper love and care by following these suggestions from Team Sparks: 

  • Always wash on cold. Cold water helps preserve the shape and stretch of leggings especially.
  • Use a gentle detergent.Some detergents are abrasive and can damage activewear to the point that it doesn’t perform the way it’s supposed to! Opt for a sports friendly or fragrance free soap if you can.
  • Hang dry. Dryers are tough on clothes and can actually damage the individual fibres of your leggings (boo...!). Plus, by hanging dry you avoid holes and tears!
  • Wash after you wear. The more you wear your activewear, the more sweat and body oils accumulate. Try to wash your leggings after 1-2 wears and if you can’t get them into the wash right away, let the sweat dry before throwing them in the hamper to prevent mould or bacteria.
  • Skip the fabric softener. Fabric softener can degrade the sweat wicking properties of your activewear. If you forget, just give your leggings an extra wash!
  • Use a mesh laundry bag. We’re obsessed with cute details like strappy sports bras and leggings with cut outs. Keep everything intact and untangled by washing your activewear in a mesh laundry bag!

Still got questions? Send us a message to chat with our team! We're always available for you, *hearts*.