care instructions

  General Care for Undergarments

Your intimates are the closest to your skin, so it is important that they are kept at their best. Hand-washing is the best way to get wash your lingerie, while also making sure they stay in good shape. If you want to use a washing machine, make sure that it is on the gentle cycle. You should also use a small netted laundry bag to put your lingerie (especially bra and bralettes) in, and avoid washing your lingerie with other heavy items such as towels. Your innerwear should be washed at a low temperature and with bleach-free detergent. Avoid using a dryer because it will alter the shape and make its structure deteriorate faster.  

  Caring for Silk 

Silk is much loved for its radiant shine and ability to regulate temperatures, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Our curated selection in our 'Silk Lingerie' product line all require meticulous care. To keep it at its best, it should be dry cleaned or washed by hand, using natural detergents and at a low temperature no higher than 30°. Leaving silk in water can result in a loss of shine. Avoid rubbing and immersing in water for too long. When drying, do not twist or use a tumble dryer. Instead, lay it flat and allow to dry naturally. 

  Caring for Lace

Lavish and precious, lace is a defining feature of 'Padded Bralettes' collection. In our lingerie, we use both machine-made lace and bobbin lace. Due to the fine nature of lace, it must be treated with great care and attention to avoid damage when washing. Ideally, it should be washed by hand. If using a washing machine, be sure to use a delicate cycle at a low temperature. If ironing is necessary, use the lowest temperature possible to avoid burning or breakage.

  Caring for Modal

Modal is a biodegradable fabric characterised by its velvety texture, similar to silk. Highly comfortable and resistant to shrinkage, it is smoother and softer than cotton. In order to keep modal at its best, machine wash at 30° and do not tumble dry. If ironing, use a temperature no higher than 110° and without steam. Modal fibre is used to make some of our bras in the 'Airy & Comfy' collection. 

  Caring for Polyamide

Wash the polyamide fabric in a regular, cold water washing machine cycle, using a bleach-free laundry detergent. It can also be hand-washed in cold water. The inner cup fabric of padded bralettes can be made of polyamide. 

  Caring for Nylon 

Our signature Air Bra and sports apparels in the 'Athletic Bra' collection are made of nylon and spandex blend. Wash them in regular, cold water washing machine cycle, using a bleach-free laundry detergent. It can also be hand-washed in cold water. To keep it at its best, avoid warm or hot water when washing.