The Sparks Story



Coming from the non-profit and social enterprise sector, we became friends immediately and bonded over our shared vision and love for coffee and engaging in crazy online shopping sprees. Our first venture was an education centre offering affordable and quality English classes for local youths in Myanmar.

During our free time, we would go to different workout classes to wind down. We were not workout people to start off with, but activewear was a big source of motivation for us. We wanted a brand where we could find versatile activewear, that is Asian-fitting and friendly for hot Asian weather. So, we spent months research looking for activewear that versatile and high quality. Our obsession led us to test over hundreds product types and we underwent vigorous fabric testing, looking for the best manufacturer partners. We also led the internal consumer team to rate the products, and getting athletes and fitness gurus alike to test the products.

We were inspired by the determination of fitness people and their self-care, and in turns we want to empower them to also to be a community that takes care of the planet too.  

Thus our vision was born: activewear that gives back.  

And frankly, we've been sweating our vision into existence ever since. It's been the most satisfying workout of our lives and we are not slowing down soon!

Dive deeper into our founders!

Sarabe -

"Having worked with different social enterprise, she started an education centre in Myanmar before moving on to the activewear industry. You can find her scouting for quality activewear, or product testing while exercising. Constantly travelling in between Singapore, Hong Kong and Myanmar, Sarabe is a nature lover and strives to give back through building meaningful businesses."

Moe -

"As the youngest TEDx speaker in Myanmar, she made notable impression for her passion in making a difference through her social enterprise projects. She is the creative and design master of Sparks and super connector to our charity partners. An artist and an engineer, you can find Moe teaching robotics to kids, or drawing comics for fun!"


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